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Who knows exactly why I am being persecuted so hard by the british authorities and now by the public?
15 2014, 10:05 | Well, many, how, wrongfully, way, better, lot, their, six, your, brings, when, years, mind, want, conflict, question, system
Well I now do. Let me tell the secret. the British police have wrongfully arrested me on a number of occaisions. they have imprisoned me wrongfully on a number of occaisions. I have hadf a case overturned on appeal and the Euopean court of human rights has a protocol that I MUST be compensated but guess what. A six month time limit exsists. so I can be prosecuted wether rightly or wrongfully six years after the commission of alleged offences but they are immune after only SIX months. so I have no choice really but to air my views and make my thoughts public via this site? I have a criminal past as do many. the dark years of youth before one has grown in the mind takes its toll on many. this is cos the police actively prosecute the young cos the young have no idea that they are the sugject of Psychological warfair. they do this to top up their system of conflict ensuring a ready resevior of humanity to feed off and darw pay from. Also to employ the otherwise unemployable i.e. Those out of the forces the sycaphant Yes men. those that only know how to do as they are told. there is a better way. By setting good example by role modelling and showing care and capacity for understanding. but this takes some depth of character and this army od aggressives are short on that. the dynamics are in flux as the responsibility is being handed more onto the public. a little late and a little missinformed public but better late than never. twenty new prisons builmt in the years prior to 9/11 well how co-incidental is that? Its an industry that serves many purposes but is it actually serving the public well. Is it in their best interests or rather the security services. Bare in mind that the prisons became privatised? Also in mind that the biggest growth industry in Iraque is the Americal Rumsveld security services. could this be a government conspiracy, or worse? 3,000 lives is a real good deal compared to a full on war, when you consider the advancements made. All conflict brings about progression in many differing areas? A couple quarrels the next love liason is more intense and brings about better understanding. If one is an econominist, in cold monetary terms the death of many brings about revenues in many areas, growth in Chemical, drug, engineering , arnemants and science. Employing thousands. Hitler had 7,000000 unemployed in Germany when he came to power. How did he turn that around? well financial backing was the only answer and where did the money come from, well bankers of course. Wars are sound banking investments. Where and how were the banks repaid? well, in exchange for nutrality, is one way, Gold Teeth and Art treasures another. there is so much of this in Switzerland that they are still finding it in forgotten caves under mountains. Co-incidentally, Sir Eward Heath would denounce this conspiracy theory as all a lot of nonsense of course but is it? He is a Conservative??? What do you do with mans aggression , what do you do with the workforce when there is no work? so a Parasitical conflict system accomadates. Who gets shafted? well look at the U.S.of A. Marines are the advertised glory seekers they pay the price on the front for the intelligencia militery in the rear? Who are the Marines, well a lot of Black colour is to be found as is a lot of N.Y. ghetto otherwise, no hopers? the rich, the intelligencia, the enlightened all benifit whilst we less able get the shaft? I am going to get back to me in a minute via another question. Lets hope that even though this subject matter is about psychology and that it is a E.C.H.R. protocol that I am free to express myself in any peaceful way that I choose, and that i will post it in the Psychology section lets see how long it stays there for?????? I'll be praying for you. Poor you, You must have sore fingers typin this question! Obviously I don't know the circumstances of your being wrongfully arrested but the police do their best to serve justice. If you want a police force to exist you have to accept that mistakes happen. So which question do you want answering? You forgot to ask us to rate your grammar, which is appalling, and spelling, which is text speak the language of the lazy and uneducated. I just want to ask you why you think it's everyone else's fault and never your own? seems that if that many things have happened, it's not coincidence.
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